We Keep Rolling Stock Rolling

We Keep Rolling Stock Rolling

International Process Solutions is an OEM and aftermarket provider of mass transit rail components.
(est. November, 2000)

IPS Inc. markets mass transit rail components via a global production mechanism. Engineering, QA and manufacturing is provided via our decade long partnership with Taichung, Taiwan based X’cel Tek Industries.

Baltimore Maryland based IPS is responsible for sales-engineering, marketing, finance and warehouse logistics. This international partnership offers our clients, global production efficiencies with all the conveniences of domestic US relationships.

The following bullet points summarize the structure of this partnership:

  • US sales engineering and marketing
  • Receivables and payables in US dollars
  • Shipments are F.O.B your loading dock
  • International and domestic logistics directed in Baltimore, MD
  • ISO 9001 design and production certification
  • ALL Engineering and tooling produced within the “partnership”
  • Extensive manufacturing process options